About Us  

Indus Group, Inc. was formed with a view to cater to the SAP Consulting marketplace, by bringing together a team of highly experienced consultants. The founding members have considerable experience in the implementation and management of SAP projects. The team has worked with distinction in the SAP implementation and training market and has won a number of accolades for its superior client servicing skills.

In addition to its headquarters in Charlotte, NC, Indus Group operates from a number of virtual offices in Houston, San Francisco and Chicago.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower our executives to enable them to enhance the value of our client's SAP investments. To achieve this end, we offer our associates and executives the best possible practical training, mentoring and remote support.

Our Culture
We at Indus Group, Inc. believe that growth is a collaborative effort from all members of our team. We offer our associates complete transparency in our operations and encourage every associate to be an integral part of this culture.

We strive hard to ensure that all our consultants, despite working at various client locations, are able to network, participate and be a part of the company's operations and plans. We believe that our customers will be satisfied, when our consultants are provided with a professional yet friendly environment that they want to work in. All our policies, plans and approaches are geared towards this end.